repeat business

almost every week I get curry from an indian takeaway just around the corner from me. Whilst my first visit was based on convenience and locality that’s not why I keep returning – sites like justeat make getting similar food delivered as easy and convenient if not more so, technology makes convenience a USP of the past (the world changes every day)

I don’t return because I’m desperate for spicy food I can’t prepare myself – I’m not so good with spicy stuff! – and whilst the quality is really good (it tastes delicious to me) I would be hesitant to judge it’s true quality within it’s industry and it would be a lie to say I return because it’s the best tasting curry I’ve ever had, I return for a different reason

Every time I phone they ask how I am, when I say it’s an order for collection and give them my name I’m rewarded with ‘Harris, how are you my friend?!’ when I walk in to collect I’m smiled at, treated nicely and quickly, a bag of food is seamlessly placed in my hand as money is painlessly transferred from my wallet to their till, the door is opened for me and I am wished a ‘good night’, and an ‘enjoy your meal’

I leave feeling good, I have a good night, I enjoy my meal

I spend about £20 a week, 50 weeks of the year – total income generated by 2 mins a week of niceness – £1000

(£1000 is a hefty percentage of my income – I may re-assess my spending habits)

you should buy some curry if you’re passing, maybe take the food to the beach with a nice bottle of beer

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