We’re really proud of our wholesale business – we have exceptional customers, doing exceptional things with exceptional products – We’re really excited to be a part of their businesses and we want to do more for them.

We believe we have the best tasting coffee, the most skilled people working hard to source it, and the best roasting and dispatch team anywhere in the world. I want the support we offer our wholesale partners to match this high standard.

We’re really busy. This is a good thing. It does however mean I spend a lot of time dealing with urgent issues, new installs, the next project etc. and I believe to build the business my customers deserve, I need help.

I’m looking for someone to work with me to deliver the most remarkable wholesale service in any industry, something that redefines what customer service, support and care can mean – to create a structure that doesn’t just offer the easy bits of smiling and saying yes and thank you, but one that listens, understands, cares, and gives customers what they need, over what they want.

I’m looking for someone to help me with my day to day tasks, share the load of admin, invoicing, training and planning but also take an equal role in designing, refining and delivering a better, stronger wholesale business

Whilst I’m happy for the right person to define how they can best help us grow, the ideal candidate would, in my mind, have…

  • Strong knowledge and passion for the way we source and roast coffee
  • Interest and understanding in how hospitality and service businesses can and do work
  • Deep interest in learning and teaching
  • Hard working, self driving and motivated
  • Good administrative skills
  • A desire to break things and make them better

Whilst experience making coffee as profession is an advantage, it’s not necessary – I want the best person for this role and am excited to see what that might mean.

This role will be office based at our Roastery in Stafford, with travel and field work required.

The successful candidate will be expected to relocate if necessary to be close to the office and it is important to note that there are limited social and cultural opportunities within the West Midlands :) We have amazing coffee though…



I’ve been blown away by the responses to this post – thank you all

setting a closing date of 11/05/14 – please mail all interest to dale@hasbean.co.uk

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