So the past week has been a very special thing for me – It’s not my place to determine if it was a success or not – ┬áthe reality is we will only know this for sure in months or even years – but with a few amazing others I’m so proud to have put on a show and started a ruckus!
One of the goals we defined at the beginning, an idea that James Hoffmann best described, was that we wanted attendees to leave camp with a strong positive experience, a real….

‘You remember that thing we went to?’

I hope this happened…
The volunteers who pulled it all together, discarded and made anew plans at the drop of a hat, used initiative to fix problems, carried heavy things up and down, on their feet 07;00-02:00 pretty much everyday….
I think they had a better one.
The intensity of working with people you’ve never met for a few long days, eating together, sweating together, swearing together and making the thing happen together, you just can’t buy that.
volunteer for things – It’s good.


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