I listen to a lot of radio 4 – excluding the Archers  - but it’s often the stuff I catch by accident rather than my purposeful tuning in that yields the most thoughts

Yesterday I caught 15 minutes of the PM programme whilst dropping my daughter at Gym club – a report on financial aid in Ethiopia – coffee was mentioned and the perspective from Whalid Bagersh’s mill was interesting -

The mill considers the financial impact of roasting businesses and the ‘value added’ by the processes normally occurring in the consuming industry an internal industry economic failing – you can hear similar thoughts from Andrew Rugisera here on The Bottom Line

whilst these points contrast with speciality coffees focus on freshness and the craft and skill involved in roasting, (perhaps this bears more relation to larger commodity grade buyers) it’s an interesting perspective, and quite different to the relationships we have with many of our direct partners in south and central america who see value in the marketing potential and actual income a good roaster/buyer can bring a farm

I wonder if it’s not that different to the ‘added value’ I could see my customers achieving with our coffee, and me not considering the ‘added costs’ of creating that value




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